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Book an engineer's visit

Here you can book a visit by one of our uniformed, experienced engineers. We are very proud of the quality of training our engineers receive and we know that if you have a problem, they will find it for you. When you order a visit, our service desk will contact you and confirm a date to visit, and if you change your mind you can tell us at that stage, or at any time up until the day before the visit.

We will explain to you what will happen. Prices are clearly shown on our rates page, so you know exactly what costs you will incur. We will even confirm to you the name of our engineer so you know who to expect. He will arrive in uniform, in a sign-written vehicle and carrying photo I.D. so you know exactly who he is. If you want to know what our charges are before you book a visit, click here to be taken to our Service FAQs to see our rates and conditions.

To book an engineer (if you have a contract) :

During our normal office hours, which are Monday to Friday 0900 hrs to 1730 hrs, call our service department on 01296 424605. Outside of these hours, you can call out an engineer if you have a service agreement with us, by using a secret number given to you when you sign up with us. If you have a service agreement with us, but have forgotten the number, click here and after we have verified your agreement, we will give you the number again. If you do not have a service agreement with us, but need an engineer anyway, call 01296 424605 during office hours and ask for the service department. If you can't wait, click here to email us and we will give your enquiry priority.

If you wish, you can book an engineer by emailing us your contact details so we can come back to you to confirm the booking. Click here to launch your email : don't forget there is absolutely no obligation at this stage.

Need an engineer urgently, but don't have a contract ?

Don't panic : we can still help. If you don't have a contract with us, you won't have an account set up, so normally we would not be able to send you an engineer immediately. However, we have set up a special ordering facility specifically for this situation. It works like this. You pay us a flat "callout" charge of 150.00 + V.A.T. using either Card or PayPal. Your payment details are secure as they are handled by PayPal Express Checkout, only. You can place this order 24 hours a day through this web-site. It's important to fill in the form fully, giving us all your points of contact (phone, fax, email, etc.). When you have made the payment, you will be given an acknowledgement with a reference number. Make a note of this (it's important). If your address details are different from the site you want us to send an engineer to, you will need to send us an email with the site address and your reference number.

The up-front payment of 150.00+V.A.T. is non-refundable and covers all travel costs to and from your site (travel time, mileage, tolls, congestion charge, etc.) and the first hour on site. If any extra labour or parts are needed, we will give you prices before proceeding. If you agree to extra works, you will be invoiced accordingly. Please note that we cannot accept cancellations on the day of the visit as we have already incurred costs in booking an engineer for your visit.

Engineers visits will be carried out during normal working hours only (Mon-Fri, 9am to 5.30pm), and will be booked to occur in the next available period. If you don't have a contract with us yet, we do not undertake to send you an engineer within "a certain number of hours" of receiving your order, but we will endeavour to send you an engineer as soon as practical. In practice this usually means 24 to 48 hours during the week or Monday if the order is received on the weekend. Please note that we only offer out-of-hours cover to current service contract holders. Also bear in mind that customers with a contract always come first.

Having read and agreed to the above terms, if you want to pre-order an engineer, click the link below and follow the instructions. Make a note of the reference number and we will contact you. You understand that you will be charged 150.00+v.a.t. for an engineer on site for one hour, then 42.75+v.a.t. per man/hour for any additional time on site, plus parts at our rates, if needed.

OK, I've read the conditions and I understand. Send me an engineer.