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New projects

In addition to our operation in the service and repair of fire alarm systems, CODRUS also sells fire alarm equipment to installers. Since the company's formation in 1995, we have always sold equipment manufactured by others, which have been modified to our particular requirements.

In 2009 we launched our own, unique range of fire alarm equipment. The equipment covers all aspects of fire detection and associated systems.

The new equipment includes:

  1. CODRUS branded extinguishers, sounders, callpoints, detectors and emergency lights.

  2. CODRUS CPSU 24vdc monitored power supply units (1,2 & 5 Amp)

  3. CODRUS CREL relay units (boxed & unboxed), 24vdc with 5A, 240Vac rated double pole contacts

  4. CODRUS Lamp Sounder units for basic remote signalling

  5. CODRUS Firemans switches for manual plant override

  6. CODRUS MODEL 200v3 fire alarm control panel, Conventional or Alarmsense (1 to 8 zones)

  7. CODRUS MODEL 400 Plant monitoring, MODEL 700 Door monitoring and MODEL 500 Moisture Detection systems

  8. CODRUS branded addressable fire panel, single loop or two loop (four loop coming this year), Hochiki and Apollo formats

  9. CODRUS 200d Fixed Gaseous Extinguishing control panel

  10. CODRUS MODEL 600 Mini-addressable system, using a new, unique format

The control panels are designed to be different from other makes of control panels, in the following ways :

(a) an emphasis on longevity, reliability and quality of manufacture : we believe that control panels should be made to last, so we have rejected plastic enclosures and "everything on one card" design.

(b) an emphasis on technical ability : we believe that control panels should be modular internally, so that if one component fails, that particular printed circuit board is replaced, in situ, rather than having to change the whole panel (as is so common in our industry now). The panel makes use of the latest technology, such as telemetrics, but are be simple for the operator to use (we use a good quality keyswitch rather than a cheap plastic keypad).

(c) an emphasis on aesthetics : we believe that a control panel doesn't have to look like a cheap, nasty, industrial box. Our control panel is manufactured from the best quality material, like brushed stainless steel and polished brass. It's design is elegant and If a client wants a control panel in a particular shape, size, finish or material, we will be happy to manufacture a bespoke panel for them.

The control panels make full use of our own telemetrics technology, which allows us to fault find and test the control panel remotely over a standard telephone line or gsm connection (new version). This greatly reduces time spent resolving false alarm problems and improves our response times dramatically to any technical requirement our clients may have. There are a wide range of internal options for each panel, including sectoring (zone of origin) cards, extra bell circuit cards, timer relay cards, logic matrix cards, interface cards, multiple relay cards, two stage alarm cards, voice alarm driver cards, dialler interfaces, fireman's switches and many more.

Full information on the new products will be posted here during the year, as each one comes becomes available.