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Why choose CODRUS Fire ?

Here are some very good reasons why you should seriously consider CODRUS as your fire equipment service provider.

Trustworthy Engineers. Did you know that many engineers in other fire alarm companies are paid commission?. How can you trust the word of someone who is recommending extra works are done, if you know he is getting extra money when you say yes?. CODRUS engineers are not paid commission, so you can always trust their findings to be unbiased.

Service agreements from as little as 136.30 a year. How much do you pay ?. How can we afford to offer the agreements for so little money ?. It's so much lower than you are currently paying - there must be a catch. We keep our service agreement prices below the going rate because we are determined to expand our customer base. So, to keep our service agreement prices so low, they are subsidised by CODRUS. Instead of spending our money on advertising, we offset our contracts by the same amount to bring in business that way instead. Also, by agreeing to allow us unrestricted access to your alarm and exclusivity on repairs, this means we can greatly reduce the price of the service contract. We know our service contract prices can be between a half and a third of some of our competitor's prices.

Combined cover agreements. For the same price we can look after your extinguishers and emergency lights. Our engineers are trained to work on emergency lights and extinguishers as well as fire alarms. Considering they have to walk all around the building, passing the extinguishers and emergency lights, then it costs us nothing for us to inspect them as we go. So we thought - why not pass this benefit on to our clients ?.

Specialist Engineers. Our engineers are trained only for fire equipment. They are fanatical on the subject : they are enthusiasts. They know they are doing an important job, helping to save people's lives. They are eager to teach others about fire equipment and are happy to spread knowledge of fire safety. They know nothing about other electrical work. or burglar alarms : just fire equipment. What does this mean for you ?. Our engineers are excellent at their job : if there is a problem with your equipment, you can trust them to find it and cure it.

24 Hour emergency cover. It's two o'clock in the morning. The fire alarm has started to go off and all your residents are being disturbed. What do you do ?. When you have an agreement with CODRUS you are given a number you can ring to call out an engineer, any time of the day or night !. Our engineers will be with you as quickly as we can and your problem will be solved.

Paper Chase. Every time an engineer visits site he will give you a copy of his worksheet, showing his findings. An actual physical document (as opposed to some electronic thing you have to "sign", then never get a copy) is given to you at the end of his visit and an entry made in your log book. This way, your documentation is kept up to date and your fire officer will be kept happy. We can even produce you compliance, servicing or commissioning certificates if you wish.

An established business. You need to know that if you select a fire specialist, they are going to be around for the duration. Although CODRUS was established in June 1995, we can trace our ancestry back to the great fire engineering companies of the early '60s. We have a good financial backing and as an independent limited company, we don't have outside shareholders to impress, so we can concentrate on improving our skills.

A company you can rely on. Unlike some national alarm companies we could mention, if we say we are sending you an engineer a certain number of times a year, that's exactly what we do. We know of some customers of a certain national alarm company who haven't had a visit for a whole year, but who are expected to pay anyway !.

You can talk to us when you need to. If you call us you know that you will be dealt with quickly. We do our best to answer you promptly, and won't pass you endlessly around to different offices. If you have a more in-depth query, we always ask you to write or email so that we can answer fully and always try aim to reply in no more than five working days.

Why not give us a chance to give you a price for your fire equipment service agreement - what have you got to lose ?. Click here to request a written quote, without obligation, or call 01296 424605.